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Pump Screeds


FeRFA resin flooring type N/A


Levelling Substrates

An ideal and sometime necessary underlayment for resin flooring…

There are a wide range of pump screeds on the market today, however most resin systems are only compatible with cementitious pump screeds. We do not recommend the installation of any type of resin floor over a latex based levelling compound due to potential compatibly and bonding issues.

Most pump screed are used as a levelling screed prior to the application of a resin finish, although some are designed as ‘wearing screed’ in their own right, like Flowcrete’s Industrial Top and Mapei’s Ultratop.

Pump Screed Build Up


The thickness we can install the screeds depends on the product, but most range from between 3mm to 40mm. Generally, the levelling screeds we use are designed to be epoxy bonded to the existing substrate (bonded screeds)

We supply and install pump screeds from all the major manufacturers, including Flowcrete’s ‘Green‘ Isocrete and the full range of Mapei’s pump screeds.

We also install a range of fibre reinforced pump screeds, which can be installed over timber substrates.

Product Overview

  • Usually 3mm to 40mm in a single application (can be layered if epoxy bonded)
  • Some pump screed can scratch down to 0.5mm
  • Industrial top ‘wearing screeds’
  • Fibre Mesh and Fibre reinforced
  • Required to level uneven substrates prior to application of a resin finish
  • When pumped 1500m2 + a day application

Reference and Projects

Mapei Screeds

Subfloor reinforcement
We offer a number of subfloor improvement and reinforcement procedures aimed towards improving problematic or weak existing substrates.

These include the application of different gauges of fibre reinforced meshing, incorporated within a resin primer to help strengthen existing subfloors. It can also be used as part of a subfloor crack treatment process prior to application of the finished resin floor.